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World Freestyle champion shows off soccer skills

(CBS News) We cranked the volume up to "extreme" a bit ago with "Star Wars" and free running blended together. So let's go ahead and keep that decibel level going with a bit of insane soccer showmanship. Go ahead and watch as a World Freestyle Football (or soccer depending on where you live) Champion shows you just how he got his title in the video above.

The insane display of talent using a ball features Andrew Henderson (with music by Scott and Brendo) and was posted on YouTube by STRskillSchool who writes:

These skills are sick!! STRskillSchool filmed Andrew Henderson around London.
I couldn't agree more with that succinct description of the skills, and major props go out to Andrew from us here at The Feed for the incredible demonstration! And to see more amazing displays of athletic prowess, you can visit the YouTube page for STRskillSchool by clicking here.
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