Weatherman report in the elevator prank

(CBS News) It doesn't need to be said that riding in the elevator with strangers is awkward enough (but there, I said it), but this prank by Positively Pranked brings the awkward elevator ride to a whole new level. Watch the hilarity that ensues, in the video above posted by Official Comedy, when Greg Benson of Mediocre Films takes "casual" weather conversation to the ultimate extreme.

Starting off each interaction in a seemingly normal way, he greets each elevator victim with the typical, "Sure is a beautiful day today." After they've answered with the requisite, "Sure is...," Greg would pull down a weather map from the wall and go into a full weather report in the tiny elevator. The people's reactions were all hysterical. Some would laugh, most would try to escape in terror, while others tried to act like what he was doing was normal.

The best was Benson's serious manner when he was done giving the weather -- almost seeming aggravated. Other times, he would command the riders to read the sports -- "Now, over to sports!" It's all funny, and it's all in good fun. Everyone loves a good prank, unless you're the one being pranked, I guess.