Syrian civil war gets worse by the day

Syrian rebels
Rebels carry a wounded man in Syria
CBS News

(CBS News) In Syria, the civil war is getting worse by the day, with street battles throughout the country.

Syria's frontline runs through neighborhoods where families once lived in peace. Now the injured and the dead are carried through streets reduced to rubble.

With a new ground offensive the regime is trying to drive rebels from their positions, bombarding them from the sky with war planes.

Holding Aleppo - Syria's biggest city - is key to winning this civil war, but Aleppo is just one battleground in this country's deadly conflict.

An internet video thought to be shot in Homs shows a skyline pockmarked and blackened after months of violence, but still the guns ring out. Other images appears to show a neighborhood in Daraa in southern Syria, just seconds after it's been shelled by the government.

Inside a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan
Syrian troops launch ground assault in Aleppo
Syrian refugee: Let Assad suffer, not die

Syria is burning and bleeding, a country tearing itself apart in spasms of horrible violence.

The rebels say they need anti-aircraft weapons, and now a photograph has emerged online of what looks like a rebel holding an SA-7, a heat-seeking, antiaircraft missile system.

Potentially that type of weapon could be a game changer. However, the condition of the weapons, as well as how many of them the rebels might have, or even if they know how to use them all remain important questions