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Sylvester Stallone surprises fans at "Rocky" statue in Philadelphia

In this web exclusive clip, the actor who climbed to fame playing Rocky Balboa talks to Lee Cowan about his screenplay for the 1976 boxing film, and how he refused to sell it unless he was cast in the lead
Sylvester Stallone on writing "Rocky" 02:28

Sylvester Stallone was spotted filming a new project at the "Rocky Steps" in Philadelphia this week and eager fans were able to snap a few pictures with him on set.

Stallone on Monday said that he will be revealing an "extraordinary" project in the coming months. According to CBS radio affiliate KYW-AM, that surprise may be a commercial for Super Bowl LIV in February.

"We are doing something that is going to be VERY special and you'll be seeing it soon, so hang in there and go for it!!" Stallone tweeted. He also encouraged fans to "keep punching."

"This thing has probably been touched by so many people, it's unbelievable," Stallone said, gesturing to the Rocky Balboa statue. "To this day, I can't get over the fact that it was still here."

On Tuesday, Stallone shared a video of himself meeting "some of the GREATEST fans in the world" in front of the statue. The crowd smiled and cheered as they posed for pictures with Stallone, raising their fists to mimic the famous scene from the first "Rocky" film.

The fans included a group of shocked students on a field trip from Eastside High School. "They didn't expect to meet one of the city's most memorable movie icons, Paterson Public Schools wrote on Facebook. "But that's exactly what happened when the group made their way to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and found Sylvester Stallone."

The first "Rocky" film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, winning best picture, best director and best film editing. The movie spawned seven sequels, including 2018's "Creed II."

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