Super Tuesday leaves McCain worried about November

Sen. McCain and Bob Schieffer
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., talks to Bob Schieffer for the March 7th edition of Face to Face.

(CBS News) Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney "clearly" had a triumphant night on Super Tuesday, but his six wins were "maybe not enough" for someone who wants to win the presidency, GOP Sen. John McCain told "Face the Nation" anchor Bob Schieffer on "Face to Face."

"The longer this goes out, the worse our chances are," McCain said of the Republican primary. "I have to tell you, it makes me very worried about our chances to win in November."

The five-term senator and 2008 Republican presidential candidate noted that the longer a hard-fought race continues, the more a candidate's unfavorable ratings are driven up. It leaves a candidate vulnerable to making more gaffes and creating a negative impression in voters' minds.

"You know that every single day of a campaign is a day you can't do over," he said.

McCain said it was "curious" that a candidate like Rick Santorum, who has a history of supporting earmarks, has claimed the mantle of the conservative alternative to Romney. Still, the senator said it wasn't up to him to tell either Santorum or Gingrich to exit the race.

Watch "Face to Face" above to hear McCain talk more about the 2012 race, Sarah Palin's potential political future, the United States' obligation to intervene in Syria and why he thinks President Obama's response to Iran's nuclear ambitions is "disappointing."

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