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3 reasons to invest in gold coins and bars this summer

Gold coins and bars are wise investment choices this summer.  Getty Images

The weather continues to warm and days are getting longer as summer approaches. And, while the season is generally time for fun, this summer, it's important to think about your financial stability. 

After all, prices are rising alongside temperatures and it's important to make moves that can protect your financial wellbeing as they do. One such move that can help you build a solid financial foundation is to invest in gold coins and bars

And, thanks to the fact that big box stores like Walmart and Costco sell these products, they're particularly easy to get your hands on now. Of course, you can shop for gold coins and bars with local and online dealers, too. But, accessibility isn't the only reason you should invest in gold coins and bars this summer. 

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3 reasons to invest in gold coins and bars this summer

Gold coins and bars are long-standing investment assets with a history of creating stability for those who buy them. Here are three reasons why it may be wise to buy these assets this summer: 

Inflation protection

Inflationary pressures have been a painful reality for Americans in recent years. With the current inflation rate sitting at 3.4%, you may be feeling the pain of higher prices every time you shop. After all, those higher prices mean that your dollars don't buy today what they could have bought in the past. 

It's important to address inflation when it comes to your savings. And, one way to do that is to buy gold coins and bars. That's because, as commodities, the price of gold coins and bars tends to rise alongside inflation. 

"Historically, gold has proved its capacity to match inflation and maintain buying power, making it an inflationary hedge," explains Aaron Cirksena, founder and CEO of the financial planning firm, MDRN Capital. 

So, a proper gold allocation in your portfolio (typically 10% of your portfolio assets or less) can offset inflation-related losses you may experience in other assets. If you don't already have a meaningful amount of gold in your portfolio, this summer is a smart time to consider adding some to it. 

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Hedge against political risks

Gold isn't just an effective way to hedge against inflation, it's an all around safe haven asset. So, when market risks are present, investors often add gold to their portfolios, pushing the price of the commodity up. 

And, the market and its participants are facing significant political risks at the moment. Not only is it an election year - a year when leadership changes can lead to policy adjustments - it's also a year that has been marred by geopolitical tension abroad. 

So, adding to your safe haven allocation is a wise consideration at the moment. And, since gold is a safe haven investment, you can do just that by buying gold coins and bars this summer. 

Prices are down from recent highs

Gold is a costly asset. Currently, gold is trading at $2,361.47 per ounce. But, that price represents a discount from recent highs. 

In fact, gold's price hit a new high of $2,439.98 on May 20, 2024. And, that high is impressive considering that on January 1, 2024, gold traded at just $2,063.73. 

While gold's price is down from the above record at the moment, it may not stay there long. So, if you buy gold coins and bars now, you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of any gains in the price of these assets in the future.  

The bottom line

This summer is a good time to consider investing in gold bars and coins. These assets can protect your savings as prices continue to rise and political risks abound. And, now is a compelling time to buy these assets since gold is trading at a discount compared to recent highs. Compare your gold investing options today

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