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Pro-Ted Cruz robocall slams Donald Trump on the Confederate flag

A robocall is circulating South Carolina that supports Sen. Ted Cruz for president and slams Trump for supporting taking the Confederate flag down.

"That's Donald Trump supporting Nikki Haley removing the battle flag from the Confederate memorial in Columbia," a man says in the call whose audio was obtained by The Post and Courier newspaper in South Carolina.

"People like Donald Trump are always butting their noses into other people's business, but Trump talks about our flag like it's a social disease," the person goes on.

The person says Trump has bank-rolled every major Democrat in the country, funded enemies of the U.S. and ridiculed Americans' values.

"On Saturday, send Donald Trump and his New York values back to Manhattan. Ted Cruz for president," he said.

The robocall came from the Courageous Conservative Political Action Committee, a pro-Cruz group, the report said, which comes just a day before South Carolina's GOP primary on Saturday.

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