Prince Harry ends role as military helicopter pilot

Prince Harry ending role as helicopter pilot 01:29

Prince Harry is taking a new step in his military career. He's moving away from frontline duty in the cockpit and landed a desk job in London. The transfer will allow Harry, 29, to get more involved in one of his favorite causes.

Kensington Palace announced Friday that Harry will still be with the army, and still retain the rank of Captain, but now he'll be organizing "major commemorative events."

Harry spent three and a half years training for and becoming an Apache helicopter pilot, and a good one at that. His active duty included two tours that brought him to the front lines in Afghanistan, earning him respect among his peers and repeated threats from Taliban enemies.

He had to race out of an interview in Afghanistan when warning sirens rang out and Camp Bastion, where he was based, came under a Taliban attack that left two U.S. Marines dead and 16 servicemen wounded.

Throughout his military career Harry has been heavily involved in bringing attention to wounded veterans from Great Britain, the U.S. and British allies that included a harrowing trek to the South Pole last month.

On Friday, the palace told CBS News that Prince Harry hopes to launch an International Warrior Games in London after being "hugely impressed" by the Games held in the U.S. when he visited last May.