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Canadian lawmakers seranade Obama with chant of "four more years"

President Barack Obama became the ninth U.S. president-- and the first since President Clinton in 1995-- to address the Canadian Parliament on Thursday following his trip to Ottawa to attend the North American Leaders Summit.

Receiving a standing ovation from lawmakers at the beginning of his address, the president quipped that the "extraordinary welcome" tempted him to just "shut up and leave."

Obama: Trump is no populist

His upbeat and friendly hour-long speech highlighted the ties that bind the U.S. and Canada, with thousands of people routinely crossing the border for work or tourism. The only tensions that may arise, President Obama joked, are those created inside hockey rinks.

While he touched upon traditional issues such as immigration, trade, and the difficulties associated with maintaining a functioning democracy, the president wasn't shy of making not-so-subtle digs at Donald Trump, and underscoring the historical importance of Hillary Clinton's campaign.

The commander-in-chief experienced a rock star-esqe encore at the end of his remarks with Canadians chanting "four more years" while he was ushered out of the building.

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