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Poll: One-third of voters approve of GOP health care plan

Health care analysis
Paul Ryan understands health care bill needs changes to pass 08:28

Approximately a third of American voters say they support the Republican plan to overhaul health care, according to a new poll.

The poll, from Fox News, found 34 percent said they favor the GOP’s proposed replacement for Obamacare, compared with a majority -- 54 percent -- who disapprove of the new plan.

Asked why they oppose the plan, 67 percent of those surveyed said it was because it makes “too many changes” to the Obamacare law; just 21 percent said it was because it doesn’t make enough changes to Obamacare. Still, almost half of voters say they believe Obamacare “will collapse” if it’s left as-is: 49 percent said they agree with that statement, compared with 46 percent who disagree.

President Donald Trump’s approval has dropped five points in the last month, according to the poll: 43 percent currently approve of the job he’s doing as president, compared with 51 percent who disapprove. In mid-February, 48 percent approved and 47 percent disapproved.

Trump promotes health bill as GOP opposition grows 05:47

And on health care, the president’s approval rating is even lower. Just 35 percent approve of how he is handling the issue, compared with 55 percent who disapprove. In fact, the only issue on which Mr. Trump is not underwater is his handling of the economy: 47 percent of American voters approve of his performance on that issue, compared with 44 percent who disapprove.

Asked about the White House’s revised travel ban, which was halted Wednesday night by a federal judge, 43 percent said they approved of the ban, compared with 54 percent who disapproved.

Still, voters believe Mr. Trump is working to make good on his campaign promises: 51 percent said he has done more than “most other presidents” to fulfill his campaign promises at this point in his administration, while 34 percent said he has done less than other presidents.

Neither party in Congress receives high marks from voters: just 32 percent of voters approve of the job congressional Democrats are doing (60 percent disapprove), and approval for congressional Republicans is even lower -- 29 percent (63 percent disapprove).

Voters also wish, by a large margin, that Mr. Trump would be a bit more restrained in his use of Twitter. Just 16 percent said they approve of his tweeting, compared with 32 percent who said they wish he would “be more cautious” and 50 percent who disapprove.

The poll surveyed 1,008 registered voters from March 12 to 14, and has a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points.

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