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The new National Comedy Center, in the hometown of TV legend Lucille Ball, celebrates comedy as an art form.

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It happened this past week ... the opening of the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, New York, the hometown of that queen of comedy, the late Lucille Ball.

The Center's executive director Journey Gunderson says Lucy supported the creation of the center, while offering one important caveat:

"'Don't just celebrate me, don't just offer 'I Love Lucy' nostalgia, as important as that is," recalled Gunderson, "She said, 'Make Jamestown a destination of the celebration of comedy as an art form.'"

And what a destination the Center is. Its 37,000 square feet includes some 50 interactive exhibits, and a gallery of comic treasures, including Wierd Al Yankovic's accordion ... a Mary Tyler Moore Show script ... Jerry Seinfeld's puffy shirt ... and Lucy's signature polka dot dress, among many, many other gems.

All of which helps to make the National Comedy Center a real destination for everyone who likes to laugh. No kidding!

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