Passage: Joe Jackson

Passage: Joe Jackson

It happened this past week - the death of music promoter Joe Jackson.

Through determination and stern discipline, Jackson shaped his own children into the hit pop group The Jackson 5, with his very young son Michael as the star. 

JACKSON 5 "ABC" on The Ed Sullivan Show by The Ed Sullivan Show on YouTube

Michael Jackson of course grew up to become one of the biggest solo artists of all time, and his sister Janet went on to stardom as well.

But their professional success came at a high personal price - fatherly domination that verged on abuse.

As adults, Michael and Janet both severed their business ties with their father, though they later reconciled.

For his part, Joe Jackson said in a 2003 interview with CBS News that he had only been trying to do the best for his children:

"In being strict, you were able to control," Jackson said.

Michael Jackson died in 2009 at the age of 50.

Joe Jackson died Wednesday of pancreatic cancer. He was 89.

Story produced by Justin Hayter.