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North Korea video portrays U.S. destroyed in missile barrage

N. Korea celebrates with mock video of U.S. destruction

North Korea’s isolated totalitarian regime marked the birthday of founder Kim Il Song over the weekend with a massive military parade and an attempted missile launch, but the spectacle wouldn’t have been complete without a new animated video portraying a fiery end to the United States.

Kim Jong Un, the current leader of North Korea, was the guest of honor at a grand concert hall in Pyongyang on Sunday for the full orchestral tribute to his late grandfather. He was treated to a full choral performance, followed by the airing on a massive monitor of the latest in North Korean propaganda videos.

A full orchestra played the music to accompany the video, which depicts North Korean missiles soaring over the Pacific to engulf the U.S. west coast in flames. It received raucous applause from the hundreds of North Korean officials in attendance.    

North Korea has a long history of portraying the mock violent demise of the United States in animated videos, usually released to mark national holidays.

Townsend on N. Korea's "significant progress" in missile program

The videos match in tone remarks made by officials in the country, who often threaten to decimate the U.S. with a nuclear attack.

In reality, President Trump has vowed to stop the Kim regime from acquiring the capability to fit a nuclear warhead onto a missile that can reach the U.S.

Most experts believe the regime is still at least several years from that goal, but the North does have conventional weapons with a proven range to put U.S. troops and allies in the region at risk.

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