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From backyard lawns to airport fields, 11-year-old turns lawn mowing dreams into reality

11-year-old's lawn mowing dream realized
11-year-old turns lawn mowing passion into reality 08:45

Eleven-year-old Quentin Hines Jr., from Charlotte, North Carolina, isn't like most kids his age. His favorite pastime? Mowing other people's lawns.

Hines started his lawn care journey when he was just 8 years old. Initially, he helped his dad, but he quickly took over the operation himself.

"I really, really love it," said Hines. 

He says that mowing lawns makes him feel less stressed and soothed. Despite having allergies, he takes medication to continue his lawn mowing passion.

Two years ago, Hines turned his passion into a business, QJ's Professional Lawn Care. He gains new clients by knocking on doors and through his Instagram account, which is managed by his mom.

This summer, Hines plans to expand his business by recruiting some of his fellow fifth graders. His dedication to lawn care is serious, with high standards set by his parents, Shirley and Quentin Sr., who occasionally work for their son.

There are few breaks for Hines with school during the week and lawn mowing on the weekends. But he has bigger dreams beyond lawn care. 

Hines said he would like to work at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, fascinated by the mowers there since he was a child. 

"Sometimes when I would go out there, they would have the mowers out there, so I would like to stay there for a while. My parents would say, 'It's time to go,' but I would say, 'Just a few more minutes,' because I would want to watch them cut the grass," he said.

To his surprise, airport officials organized a special day for Quentin, allowing him to be part of the airfield maintenance crew.

For more than an hour, in the blazing sun of a summer day, Hines was living his dream.

"I'm speechless, speechless," his mother said. "I know when he was 4, he said, 'I'm going to get that contract,' and then for today to be the day."

As if one dream come true wasn't enough, Hines also aspired to work on the grounds crew for a professional sports team. In Charlotte, this meant a surprise visit to the Carolina Panthers' grounds crew, where he was welcomed warmly and quickly put to work.

Hines' dedication and passion drew the attention of NFL players, making the experience even more memorable. His meticulous approach impressed the Panthers' grounds crew, who taught him how to prep a football field for practice.

"This is one of the best experiences I've ever had. Actually being able to cut the Charlotte airport's grass, which has always been my dream, just made me very happy. And just being able to experience all of this, now that I know how to do it, makes me very happy," said Hines. 

His ambition and hard work are a lesson for dreamers everywhere: Never stop chasing what you love.

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