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No Mickey Mouse Operation | BTalk


Lee Cockerell
(Episode 831: 14 minutes 27) Listen on iTunes.
It's curious how the term "Mickey Mouse operation" came about , when you consider the challenges of keeping millions of kids (and their parents) entertained. The enormity of that task is staggering.

Lee Cockerell spent 10 years as Executive Vice President for the Walt Disney World Resort --- he tells us how he kept the magic alive in this edition of BTalk.

A problem for many businesses is meeting customer expectations - at Disney World, as he says in this podcast, "everyone expects everything to be perfect." So running a business that makes everyone happy, including Disney World's 60,000 employees is no mean feat.

You'll hear some common sense advice here. And there's more in Lee's book Creating Magic, 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies From A Life At Disney.

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