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Marc Ambinder: Palin Was "Presidential-Esque"

On Wednesday's Washington Unplugged, CBS News chief political consultant Marc Ambinder weighed in on Sarah Palin's video statement responding to critics who have blamed her for Saturday's shootings.

"It's a remarkable video for several reasons," Ambinder said. "If you look at the video, and you look at the scope of what she says, it's almost presidential-esque. "

Ambinder noted to CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante that her response before President Obama's scheduled remarks Wednesday evening elevates her status as a prominent Republican, "I think it makes her the most prominent Republican, in a sense, to respond or to 'prespond' to what President Obama is going to say tonight."

Ambinder said Mr. Obama faces a difficult task. "The President is primarily there to share the grief of everyone and might not live up to people's expectations," he said.

"Sarah Palin, in a sense has thrown a gauntlet," Ambinder told Plante adding that she is "in a sense politicizing what she accuses other people of politicizing."

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Watch Wednesday's Washington Unplugged above, also featuring continuing coverage of the "Tragedy in Tucson" with Pima County GOP chairman Brian Miller and Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.