Lifetime to air movie on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's romance

Not much is known about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's courtship, but the TV network Lifetime thinks there's enough material for a movie. Production on "Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance" begins this week. It tells the love story of the British royal and the former "Suits" actress, who are now engaged to be married. 

Murray Fraser and Parisa Fitz-Henley will star as the couple, and the TV movie is to air before the May 19 wedding. Harry's brother, Prince William, also got the Lifetime movie treatment in 2011 with "William and Kate: The Movie." That movie was panned by critics, with the Guardian's Stephen Bates writing that the film was "awful, toe-curlingly, teeth-furringly, pillow-bitingly ghastly." The Guardian also pointed out that the movie was shot entirely in the Los Angeles area, with bad British accents and settings that looked Californian instead of British. The movie even showed London buses driving on the right side of the street.  

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been fairly private about their romance, declining even to name the friend who played matchmaker. In fact, when talking about their courtship, they said they mostly cooked together at home in order to stay out of the limelight. 

Harry even joked that it might be good dating advice to stay in: "Maybe spend more time at home! It was an opportunity to get to know each other without other people looking, trying to take photos on their phone."

The couple opened up about their relationship in a November interview and revealed that they met through a mutual friend. 

"It was through her and then we met once, then twice, back-to-back -- two dates in London last July," explained Harry. "Then it was I think three, maybe four weeks later that I managed to persuade her to come join me in Botswana and we camped out together under the stars for five days. ... Then we were really by ourselves, which was crucial for me, to get the chance to know each other."

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