Jim Gaffigan on saving face while wearing a mask

Jim Gaffigan on saving face while wearing a mask
Jim Gaffigan on saving face while wearing a m... 01:49

I'd like to talk to about masks.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell you to wear a mask – at this point, we all know why we're wearing these things. 

If you leave your house right now and encounter someone, they'll likely look like me. I mean, they'll be wearing a mask. Not everyone is as good-looking as me.

Whenever I see someone with a mask on, they look perfectly normal. They look like a mask pro.  

My personal experience with masks has not been so smooth. 

The comedian opines on how having a big head (both physically and metaphorically) can affect one's use of personal protective equipment. CBS News

My first obstacle is that, well, most adult masks are too small for my head. You see, I have a big head (both physically and metaphorically). You could actually store another head inside of my head. Like, if anyone is missing their head, it might be in here.

I've known I had a large head since middle school, when my football coach announced to the entire team that he had to go to the nearby high school to get a helmet that fit my huge head.

[Don't worry, those kids were super nice.]

I don't find wearing a mask particularly comfortable, but that hasn't stopped me from forgetting I'm wearing a mask. On more than one occasion, I've attempted to eat French fries with my mask on. Luckily, I always dip my fries in ketchup, so … there's no boost to the ego quite like walking around the world with stains from food on your mask.

"Is that blood on your mask?"
"Noooo, no, no, no, it's ketchup."

Be safe, everyone!

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