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Humanoid robots could someday replace workers in stores, airports

Inventors: Humanoid robots could soon replace... 01:31

We've seen robots that can walk like an ape and run like a cheetah, robots that can mix a perfect martini, help the disabled, or drive you to the store. Someday robots could even replace soldiers on the battlefield.

Now, a lab in Britain is showing off one of the most lifelike humanoid robots yet. Technically, it's a "Robothespian," but they call him Reginald for short.

This robot can talk, sing and interact with people in a surprisingly natural way. Reginald is equipped with cameras to take in its surroundings. Developers say it also features facial and voice recognition technology.

They envision Robothespians like Reginald being put to work at store checkout counters or in airports or sports stadiums.

Each one costs about $90,000, and developers are working on new capabilities for the next generation.

Watch the video above to see Reginald in action.

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