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Hole Found in Window at Al Franken's Condo

Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn. AP

Senator Al Franken and his wife returned to their home in Minneapolis Tuesday to discover that evidence of a damage to one of their windows, a Franken spokesman confirmed to Hotsheet.

The incident is currently under investigation by both the Minneapolis Police and the Capitol Hill Police.

No one was home when the incident occurred. Police told CNN the hole could have come from a small rock or a BB gun.

"It was a double pane window and it went through the first pane," Franken spokesman Marc Kimball said.

Asked if Franken was shaken up as a result of the incident, Kimball said no.

Sgt. Bill Palmer of the Minneapolis Police Department told CNN he did not think the incident was politically motivated.

"I find it unlikely people actually even know where the senator lives," he said.

Following the passage of the health care bill earlier this year, there were threats against at least ten Democratic members of Congress. At the time, some criticized Republicans for using incendiary rhetoric such as "reload" in opposing the legislation.

Incidents this year have included Rep. Anthony Weiner's office receiving a white powder, Rep. Bart Stupak receiving threatening phone messages, Rep. Russ Carnahan finding a coffin on his lawn, and bricks hurled through lawmakers' office windows.

A shot was also fired through the window of Republican Rep. Eric Cantor's office in March, though it was determined to have been the result of random gunfire.

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