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Hillary Clinton talks with Jimmy Kimmel about title for Bill Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton is facing a question with global implications as she seeks the White House: What do you call the husband of a U.S. president?

First man? First gentleman?

The question came up on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" when Kimmel asked the Democratic presidential contender about that quandary Thursday should her husband, former President Bill Clinton, become the official White House spouse.

Clinton pointed out another complicating factor, that people still call former presidents "Mr. President."

Kimmel proposed "first president lady?"

Clinton offered a couple of ideas with a smile: "first dude" and "first mate."

She said that her husband has told her he's determined to break the "iron grip" that women have had on being the spouse of a president.

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Kimmel wanted to know if Bill Clinton would pick out the official china pattern for the White House, typically a role of the first lady. But Clinton said she had other ideas for her husband: talking to him about how to create jobs.

Clinton has been a favorite target of Donald Trump and other Republican candidates, but she told Kimmel the criticism is just election-season noise. Actually, Republicans like her, she said.

When she's not on the ticket "Republicans say nice things," Clinton told Kimmel.

"We have a long list of the nice things Republicans have said about me," she added. "You may be hearing more about it."

She wasn't necessarily kind in return. Clinton said watching the Republicans debate left her "being appalled and being amused."

"I disagree with a lot of what they are saying," she said. "I wish they would actually address the problems America is trying to face."

Asked whether she'd watch Trump on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, she said she might, adding that she thinks he watched her.

CBS News Alicia Alford contributed to this report

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