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Hillary Clinton says she's "skeptical" of Iran nuclear deal

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed doubt about the possibility of reaching a deal to eliminate Iran's nuclear weapons capabilities, one of the only instances in which she has not given her full-throated support to President Obama since leaving her post early last year.

"The odds of reaching that comprehensive agreement are not good," Clinton said in an address at the American Jewish Congress gala, according to the Washington Post. "I am also personally skeptical that the Iranians would follow through and deliver. I have seen their behavior over the years. But this is a development that is worth testing."

Six world powers are currently negotiating a comprehensive deal to curb Iran's nuclear program, after an interim agreement partially eased sanctions in exchange for a partial rollback of uranium enrichment. The agreement may already be jeopardized as tensions between the U.S. and Russia over the crisis in the Crimean Peninsula affect Russia's role in the talks.

Despite her doubt about Iran's intentions, however, Clinton said that the U.S. should "give space for diplomacy to work and said there should be no additional sanctions from the U.S., during the talks, echoing Mr. Obama's pleas to senators from both parties to hold off on additional penalties while talks are ongoing.

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