Hillary Clinton says she remains "confident" about her campaign

Polls "ebb and flow," Hillary Clinton said, and she remains "confident" about her campaign, she told reporters after a Women for Hillary event in northern Iowa - in spite of a new national poll that said that her support among women is down 29 points since July.

Asked by a student about her "political views" on Bernie Sanders Clinton responded, "Political views?" Then, without mentioning Sanders by name, Clinton expressed enthusiasm about the vigorous debate on the issues in the Democratic party. "He [Sanders] is doing a great job," she added.

New poll shows Sanders leading Clinton in two states

Asked by a reporter after the event whether she was worried about Bernie Sanders, she replied firmly, "I am not." She didn't elaborate, although she promised to point out their differences during the upcoming debates.

But Sanders, according to a new CBS News Battleground Tracker poll, leads Clinton by double digits in Iowa, 43 percent to 33 percent, and in New Hampshire, 52 percent to her 30 percent. She retains her lead in South Carolina, with 46 percent to Sanders' 23 percent.

Clinton urged Iowans to support a president who takes on the "big issues," citing ISIS, Syrian refugees and climate change, among others. She talked about her own work as secretary of state on the sanctions that ultimately pushed Iran to the negotiating table.

"I am ready to take on those issues you talk about at the dinner tables," Clinton said, the issues "that keep you up at night."

"It started right here in Iowa and I need your help. I am asking you to get involved in my campaign," Clinton said. "To organize your neighbors, your classmates, your friends, wherever you have them in the real world and the virtual world. Next time someone sends you a text or an invite to play Candy Crush, turn around and ask them if they are caucusing."