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​Google search trends predict spring fashion trends

OK, Google: What's going to be in this season?

The data scientists and fashion experts at Google have gotten together to figure out what's in and what's out this spring. (Peplum is over, but tulle is going to be big --literally and figuratively.) The team analyzed six billion clothes-related search queries between January 2012 and February 2015. They used search trends and geographical distribution to identify this spring's most have-to-have fashion trends.

Google searches for jogger pants, midi skirt and tulle skirt have seen sustained growth over the past couple years and "are about to take off," according to the Google Fashion Trends Report for Spring 2015.

The Tulle Skirt is a West Coast trend that is slowly making its way across the US. Google

"Originating on the West Coast, the tulle skirt trend is making its way across the U.S.," the report said, adding that "consumers aren't interested only in buying tulle skirts. Top searches indicate that a majority are feeling inspired to get crafty and make their own."

Meanwhile, the jogger pants trend that started on the East Coast "is quickly becoming a big hit in the Southern areas of the U.S." Unlike searches for midi skirts -- neither short nor long, they fall somewhere in the middle -- which often include terms like "how to wear," indicating a lack of familiarity, Google said people seem "well-versed in jogger pants and are turning to Google Search to learn more about which brands offer the best selection and deals." The most-search style? "Emoji."

While Jogger Pants started on the East Coast, the trend is quickly becoming a big hit in the Southern areas of the U.S. Google

Based on search volume, peplum dresses, "normcore" and 90s jeans are all falling out of fashion.

There's one meteoric rise in search that is probably not going to translate to clothing purchases this year. Google's breakdown showed a 51,493 percent jump in searches for "white and gold dress" and 215,408 percent growth in searches for "blue and black dress," between January 2013 and February of this year, when the Internet blew up with an international debate over a dress that appeared to be different colors to different people.

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