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Five Learnings From 500 Episodes in 500 Seconds | BTalk


Phil Dobbie

Phil Dobbie

(Episode 500; 500 seconds) We launched BTalk almost two years ago on BNET. In the first episode "Don't Boss Me Around" Professor James Sarros looked at how Australia's senior managers are becoming more consultative in their approach --- at least that's what they were telling us! Since then we've heard from academics, industry leaders, specialists, marketing and sales experts, politicians, even the odd comedian.

So what have I learnt from talking business with so many people. Today I go through five take-outs:

  • 1. Big business needs to think like small business

  • 2. Analytics can be a company's saviour or demon

  • 3. Information is key to distinguishing your business

  • 4. Passion is an essential element for success, you need to ensure its shared

  • 5. Australian corporations are ageist â€" plan your own destiny before it's too late

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