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Facebook users not so interested in Lindsey Graham 2016

Lindsey Graham's low standing in national polls is matched by relatively little interest from Facebook users in his new 2016 presidential campaign.

Graham's announcement generated 142,000 interactions such as likes, posts, comments and shares from 84,000 people in the 24-hour period around his announcement. Of the other nine candidates in the 2016 race, only former New York Gov. George Pataki did less Facebook traffic, with 81,000 interactions from 59,000 people.

Who is presidential candidate Lindsey Graham?

On the Republican side, the leader is Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul who generated 1.9 million interactions from 865,000 unique people in the same time frame. The overall leader is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with 10.1 million interactions generated by 4.7 million people.

Prior to his announcement, about 12,000 people had been chattering about Graham on Facebook each day.

He got the the most interest from users in South Carolina, where he held his kickoff rally. Washington, D.C. was also the most interested in Graham, followed by North Carolina, Maine and New Hampshire. And people were most likely to mention his name in the context of foreign policy and international relations, the driving issues behind his campaign.

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