Actress breaks silence on "El Chapo" meeting

Actress breaks silence on El Chapo meeting wi... 02:03

The actress who set up Sean Penn's interview with Mexico's most-wanted drug lord says people are lying about the case.

Kate del Castillo is speaking out as new information from El Chapo's phone shows just how much the former fugitive wanted to meet her, reports CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez.

When Mexican marines raided the house holding Jaoquin "El Chapo" Guzman, there was no sign of the drug lord.

Left behind in Guzman's hideout was a stack of DVDs featuring the actress, who arranged the Rolling Stone interview with Sean Penn.

Now for the first time since Guzman's capture, del Castillo spoke out publicly in a tweet Wednesday.

The statement comes after text messages obtained by a Mexican newspaper appear to indicate El Chapo had an infatuation with del Castillo.

In one exchange, El Chapo writes: "You're the best thing in this world, we will be great friends. Figure out when you can come back, I hope it will be soon... I will take better care of you than I do of my own eyes."

Del Castillo responds: "I'm so moved that you say you'll take care of me, no one has ever cared for me..."

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As for actor Sean Penn, Guzman didn't seem to know who the Academy Award winner was, asking his lawyer in one message, "What was the actor's name?" and later confessing to looking up Penn on the Internet.

The text messages also show Guzman's concerns that people who knew him were being monitored - turns out he was right.

The trail for Guzman had gone cold until telecommunication intercepts -- along with Penna and Castillo's travel to meet El Chapo -- helped U.S. and Mexican law enforcement narrow down the drug lord's location.