Earth to party leaders: We have news you can use

GOP reaching out to hispanic voters

(CBS News) When the Senate passed the immigration reform bill by an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, The New York Times accurately reported, and I quote: "Party leaders hope the Senate action will put pressure on the House."

Earth to Party Leaders: Don't hold your breath.

Here's why: As party leaders, you see the changing demographics the country is undergoing. You know the Hispanic population is growing. You watched as Mitt Romney did quite well among Old White Guys while President Obama ran away with the African American vote, the Hispanic vote, and the Asian vote.

You have realized that unless your party can find ways to appeal to minorities, winning presidential elections is going to be a steep climb.

But here's some news you can use: National Journal reports that 70 percent of the House districts represented by Republicans have Hispanic populations of 10 percent or less.

That means voting against immigration reform is one of the easiest votes that Republicans in those districts can take. Voting for it increases the possibility they'll get a Republican primary opponent next time.

I've noticed over the years that when politicians of either party are given the choice between personal survival and party survival, they usually choose personal.

Which is why I'm guessing that when it's over, we'll put the headline on the immigration story that we have put on other stories. It took a while, but nothing changed.

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