Donald Trump points to email revelations to win over skeptical Republicans

Donald Trump is trying to use the latest development over the FBI’s discovery of emails that are related to its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email servers to win over skeptical Republicans.

Republicans in key battleground states tell CBS News’ Major Garrett that they can feel the ground shifting and the race tightening significantly. No one is projecting a Trump victory yet, but enthusiasm is on the rise as revelations about Clinton’s new FBI woes rally skeptical Republicans to Trump.

Trump placed the ongoing email scandal at the center of his stump speech Sunday.

“Now the FBI has found -- you’re not going to believe this one, this just happened -- another 650,000 emails,” Trump said. “I think that’s called the mother load, I think they found them all…”

It’s unclear, however, if the emails from Huma Abedin’s account that were found on a laptop used by Anthony Weiner haven’t been seen before or if they show any wrongdoing.

While FBI Director James Comey notified GOP committee chairmen in Congress on Friday about the discovery, law enforcement officials confirmed to CBS News that the FBI had just obtained a search warrant Sunday to look through the emails on the laptop.

Meanwhile, Trump continued to warn Sunday about voter fraud, repeated his promise to bring back waterboarding, and said Clinton’s lax immigration policies could allow 650 million people to sneak into the U.S. in just one week.