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DNC trolls Donald Trump over tax returns

The Democratic National Committee launched a new website taking Donald Trump to task over his tax returns, poking fun of the presumptive Republican nominee's refusal to release the documents with a trolling feature on the site.

"Every major-party presidential nominee since 1976 has made their tax returns public. Click the button below to see Trump's tax returns," reads the text on the site But if you try and hover your cursor over the button -- which says "SEE RETURNS" -- it moves before you can click it.

Here's what the site looks like:


Democrats have ramped up their attacks on Trump's elusive tax returns over the last few weeks.

The DNC accused Trump of hypocrisy because he made his fundraiser's donations to veterans groups contingent on reviews of the organizations' tax records.

"It's more than ironic that Trump needs to see a group's tax records before supporting their efforts, but is unwilling to show his own tax records before asking the American people to support his own bid for the White House," DNC press secretary Mark Paustenbach said in a statement posted to the organization's website. "Donald Trump is the standard bearer for a double standard, and this type of 'deal-making' has no place in the White House."

Last month, Democratic front-runner Clinton even suggested that Trump "pays no federal income tax" and that's why he's afraid to make the documents public.

Even fellow billionaires have expressed skepticism over Trump's finances because of his refusal to release his taxes.

"I'm not so sure Donald knows what he's not good at.... What he's done well is put his name on big, big buildings," entrepreneur Mark Cuban said in a phone interview with WABC. "He's good at that. Whether or not that's made him a billionaire, I don't know. He's not transparent enough for us to actually know."

Meanwhile, Republicans have also called for the real estate mogul to release his tax returns.

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, noted Tuesday that "For the last 30 or 40 years, every candidate for president has released their tax returns."

"I think Donald Trump should as well," McConnell said.

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