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Disabled woman fights 13 crooks with bear spray

A disabled grandmother faced with 13 would-be intruders at her California home managed to scare away the criminals by blasting them with a can of bear spray, CBS Sacramento reported.

When the Dixon, Calif., homeowner answered an early-morning knock at her door, she found herself staring down the barrel of a shotgun.

The unidentified woman said the intruders were after the medical marijuana she grows in her backyard -- her sole source of income. The men were apparently so distracted by their objective that they failed to notice the homeowner had grabbed a can of bear spray before opening her door.

"I've always jokingly said, 'If someone tries to take my income, I'm going to fight. They're going to have to fight me,'" she told CBS Sacramento.

As the intruders demanded to know where she kept the marijuana, the woman flicked off the safety on the dispenser and aimed the can of pepper spray in the direction of the crooks. The spray hit three of the men, including the one holding the shotgun.

"I didn't realize it until it was all over with how dangerous it was," she said. "Running as fast as they can away in two different directions, and there was 13 of them."

While the woman said she wouldn't hesitate to fight the intruders again, she also said she will stop growing medical marijuana, because she doesn't want to jeopardize the safety of her grandchildren.

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