​Day by day: The week's top stories

"Sunday Morning" takes a look at notable events of the past week:

On Sunday, Dallas area residents took stock of the damage from weekend tornadoes that left eleven dead.

Monday saw an announcement by prosecutors in Cleveland that they would not indict two white police officers for the shooting death of Tamir Rice. The black 12-year-old had been playing with what turned out to be a toy gun.

Tuesday's headline was the arrest in Mexico of Ethan Couch ... the fugitive Texas teenager who had claimed the co-called "aflluenza" defense in a fatal drunk driving case.

On Wednesday, Bill Cosby was charged in a Pennsylvania court with aggravated indecent assault against a woman in 2004.

Thursday saw a New Year's Eve fire at a luxury hotel in Dubai that created spectacular flames but remarkably few injuries.

On Friday, a gunman opened fire outside a bar in Tel Aviv, killing two and wounding at least three others.

And on Saturday, we learned of the death of former Arkansas Governor and Senator Dale Bumpers at the age of 90.