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Dallas shooter was accused of sexual misconduct, military says

DALLAS -- A newly released military report details how the Army reservist who killed five Dallas police officers stole a female soldier's underwear and tried to hide what he did under investigation.

The Army on Friday released a partially redacted report on Micah Johnson, who was killed July 8 in a standoff after opening fire on officers during a rally protesting police shootings.

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The alleged sexual harassment occurred in May 2014 in Afghanistan.

The report details how Johnson was found in possession of four pairs of women's underwear that were earlier reported missing from a fellow soldier's laundry bag.

After the female soldier reported the items missing, army officials conducted a "health and welfare inspection" of soldiers' rooms and found the items in Johnson's quarters.

The report says: "[Redacted] conducted the inspection while [redacted] watched from within the room and [redacted] and PFC Johnson stood in the doorway. [Redacted] stated, 'I looked in the wall locker, under the bed, and [behind] everything. I ended up finding [female] underwear under the bed [mattress]. They were black with red trim.' [Redacted] further explained, 'Once I saw the underwear I asked PFC Johnson 'what was that!' He said it was nothing. [PFC] Johnson grabbed the underwear as soon as I asked what it was.'"

The unnamed individual who conducted the sweep describes how, after finding the first pair of underwear, he or she noticed a bulge in Johnson's pocket of "multiple pairs of what appeared to be panties of multiple colors."

Johnson then attempted to discard the underwear in a nearby dumpster, the report says, and lied about where the items came from. He is quoted in the report describing the underwear as "a personal item of mine."

For "safety reasons," the report says, Johnson was relieved of his weapons.

The investigation into the stolen underwear led to sexual harassment allegations against Johnson and his removal from the military.

The report provides insight into Johnson's psychological profile: he is described at one point as someone who acted "as a loner type manner frequently."

The report does not address why Johnson was discharged honorably. The lawyer who represented Johnson has told The Associated Press that he had expected Johnson to be given a "less than honorable" discharge.

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