Charles Questioned In Di's Death

There's been an unexpected turn in the British probe of Princess Diana's fatal car crash.

The lead investigator has interviewed Prince Charles about speculation he may have been involved in a plot to kill his ex-wife, reports CBS News Correspondent Elizabeth Palmer.

She says Charles confronted both the specter of Diana, and conspiracy theories that refuse to die, when he spoke to Scotland Yard police in an interview that lasted less than an hour.

Britain's Sunday Times reports that that the prince was specifically questioned about a note allegedly written by Diana.

An excerpt leaked to the British media by her former butler said, "My husband is planning an accident in my car, brake failure and serious head injury, to make the path clear for him to marry."

Charles did marry Camilla, after a thirty year love affair, this past summer.

That was three years after an exhaustive French police inquiry into Diana's death concluded that her Mercedes crashed into a tunnel pillar in Paris because the driver was drunk, on drugs and speeding.

In 2004, a Scotland Yard team went to Paris to examine the crash site, as Britain's coroner's office opened its own inquest into the princess' death.

At the time, Sir John Stevens, the head of the inquiry said, "We will be looking at the scene of what has taken place' obviously, statements, videos, and pictures have been seen, but it's very important that I actually have a look at the scene."

Friends of the prince believe that Charles' interview, and the inquiry, will at last convince skeptics that Diana's death was simply an accident, Palmer points out.

Journalist and author Robert Jobson who's written extensively about the royal family,

co-anchor Hannah Storm Monday, "Nobody honestly or seriously believes that Prince Charles is involved in the death of the late Princess of Wales. This is really part of the investigation carried out by Lord Stevens, a former head of the metropolitan police, to basically clarify a situation that arose" because of the surfacing of the supposed note written by Diana.

"The reality is, most people think these were just, in many ways, the ramblings of Diana, who was writing things down on paper as part of her therapy. No one is really suggesting Prince Charles plotted to kill his former wife."

Nonetheless, says Jobson, Charles being questioned was "extremely embarrassing" for the royal family: "The Prince of Wales is remarried to Camilla Parker-Bowles. There are many people that believe this is rather convenient this has all happened, particularly the conspiracy theorists. It's extremely embarrassing, but nonetheless, nobody is really believing that Prince Charles is behind the death of his former wife."