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Di Conspiracy Theory Revived

Princess Diana is back in the headlines with a newspaper report on a possible murder conspiracy related to her death almost eight years ago.

You've heard stories of that before, but this time the news almost oovershadowed the first solo appearance by the second wife of Diana's ex-husband, Prince Charles, CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports for The Early Show.

Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall (formerly Camilla Parker-Bowles), opened a new hospital wing on Britain's south coast as part of a tour with Prince Charles. Headlines that day in the Daily Express told of the conspiracy theory and made sure Charles' second wife was haunted by the ghost of his first.

It's been almost eight years since Diana was laid to rest, but the conspiracy theories around her just won't die. Scotland Yard detectives now say their final report on the car crash that killed her will be delayed by six months, even though French police have already concluded Diana's Mercedes crashed in a Paris tunnel because the driver was drunk and drugged.

Also killed in the crash was her companion, Dodi al Fayed. His father, billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed, has relentlessly accused the British government of orchestrating the death of Princess Diana, and his son.

Princess Diana's former bodyguard Ken Wharfe notes, "Up until this very day, not one piece of evidence has been produced that would suggest that Diana and Dodi were murdered. Until we find that evidence, until that evidence is forthcoming, we have to conclude that Diana and Dodi actually died in nothing more and nothing less than a tragic road accident."

Even if that's what the British inquest concludes when it's published at the end of the year and Camilla Parker-Bowles becomes a royal fixture, it's likely that Diana will continue as a silent partner in this royal marriage.