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Brand new full-length "Frozen II" trailer released

The highly-anticipated "Frozen II" is due out this November, and a teaser trailer released in February left fans wanting more details about the Disney film. The teaser showed Elsa trying to freeze massive waves and then trying to run up them. Many fans thought the second installment in the franchise looked "dark," as the Ice Queen struggled to wield her powers against the vast ocean.

Now, Disney has released a full-length trailer that expands upon the ominous teaser. The new trailer gives more details about what happens to Elsa in the ocean — and it still looks pretty grim. 

Frozen 2 Official Trailer by Walt Disney Animation Studios on YouTube

As Elsa plunges into the sea, a bolt of lighting strikes the water, creating a ghostly horse figure that looms over the queen, then quickly evaporates. A worried Elsa rushes to the surface of the water. The same troubled expression stays on her face for most of the trailer.

While the new full-length trailer gives viewers more magical footage to fawn over, it still leaves many questions unanswered. "Elsa, the past is not what it seems," a troll appears to tell the main character. "You must find the truth. Go north, across the enchanted land and into the unknown." Sticking with the ominous theme, the troll warns Elsa to be careful.

Of course Ana, Elsa's sister, appears in the new trailer. She, too, seems to find herself in a precarious situation — in a boat with Olaf, as it plunges over the side of a steep waterfall. 

While most of the trailer appears gloomy, there are snippets that reveal fuchsia fires, vibrant autumn-colored trees, and a pink cloudy skies. The troll tells Elsa that people always feared that her powers were too much for this world, but now they must hope they are enough. 


The first real look at "Frozen II" left viewers still curious about a few crucial details, such as the release date and the music. The first "Frozen" was a blockbuster hit that came with several "ear worms," including "Let It Go." The new trailer does have music, but no obviously show-stopping songs that fans are expecting.

Like the teaser, the new trailer does not specify a release date — it simply ends with "November."

For now, Disney is perhaps focusing two other huge films coming up soon on its roster — "Toy Story 4," premiering June 21, and the live-action "Lion King," on July 19.  Once those are out, perhaps the company will start promoting more details about "Frozen II."

Disney, which owns Lucas Films, is also debuting a new "Star Wars" installment in December.

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