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Alvin Greene, Democratic Senate Nominee, Facing Felony Charge for Obscene Photos

Alvin Greene, an unemployed army veteran, won the Democratic Senate primary in South Carolina on Tuesday, June 8, 2010. He will go on to face Sen. Jim DeMint in the November general election. South Carolina Democratic Party

Updated 4:49 p.m. Eastern Time

Here's more evidence that Republican Sen. Jim DeMint is facing what appears to be the easiest reelection campaign in the country: Alvin Greene, the unknown 32-year-old who somehow won the Democratic Senate nomination in South Carolina, is reportedly facing felony charges for allegedly showing obscene online photos to a University of South Carolina student.

The Associated Press reported the pending charges, which carry a possible five-year jail term. Greene was arrested in November and when asked about the charge refused to comment and hung up on the AP reporter.

In response to the news, the South Carolina Democratic party is asking its surprise nominee -- whom virtually no one expected to win the primary -- to withdraw from the race.

The exact nature of what took place in the alleged crime is unclear: According to the AP, "Records indicate Greene showed photos to a woman and talked about going to her room at a university dorm." He posted bond after being arrested and has not yet been indicted.

As Mother Jones reported last night, Greene did not seem to campaign in the primary and did not even have a website; some are speculating that he was able to defeat expected candidate Vic Rawl simply because voters selected the first name on the alphabetical ballot.

Conspiracy theories surround Greene, many centering on where exactly he got the $10,400 filing fee to join the race. (Some have even suggested he is a GOP plant, which Greene denies.) According to the Columbia Free Times, he brought a personal check to South Carolina Democratic Party headquarters in March; informed that he should start a campaign account, he returned hours later with a campaign check.

"Though he says he is running, and running to win, Greene has not taken the steps one might expect from an active candidate -- some of them required by law," the newspaper reported last month. "He has not filed with the Secretary of the Senate, according to its Washington, D.C. office. Nor has he filed any disclosure reports with the Federal Election Commission, which the FEC requires by law."

Greene told Mother Jones the filing fee came "100 percent out of my pocket."

"I'm self-managed," he added. "It's hard work, and just getting my message to supporters. I funded my campaign 100 percent out of my pocket and self-managed."

While claiming to have pushed that message around the state, Greene would not disclose in the interview where he campaigned or how much money he spent to do so. 

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