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Airbnb guest in $40 room hosts 250-person party

Airbnb CEO on local "experiences"

SEVEN HILLS, Ohio - Airbnb says it has permanently banned a man who threw a huge New Year's party at a house in suburban Cleveland where he was renting a room.

Police say about 250 people were crammed inside the home in Seven Hills, Ohio, when officers arrived. They reported seeing partygoers vomiting and breaking windows.

Investigators said the man advertised the party online and charged $5 to enter. He was renting a room for $40 a night.

The homeowner locked himself in his bedroom and called police as the party spiraled out of control. He said the renter had agreed not to throw a party.

Police said the party-thrower faces charges including disorderly conduct.

Airbnb told WJW-TV that such incidents are "incredibly rare."