A Younger Face Of "The Other America"

Seth Doane is a CBS News correspondent based in New York.
We set out this week to show a younger face of "The Other America." While so many Americans are thinking about "back to school" shopping, how do you afford to buy school clothes and supplies when you already have trouble paying the bills?

That's the problem Melody Morrow faces as a single mom with three kids. Her home is in foreclosure proceedings, and Melody has been forced to take pay-cuts at work in order to keep her job.

Meanwhile, the bills have stacked up and her ex-husband hasn't kept up with child support payments. For the Morrows, finding extra money for new clothes and school supplies simply wasn't an option this year. That is until Melody's daughter, Shelby, decided to do something about it.

At 16-years-old, Shelby found a job at a local retirement community, working part-time as a server in the restaurant. While she brings home just about $100 a week, that money goes a long way to helping out her mother.

They'll undoubtedly still have to leave their house, but in the short run, Shelby is making a difference – and learning a bigger lesson. Just click here to check out the piece on the CBS Evening News.