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10 notable Twitter reactions to Donald Trump's Cinco de Mayo taco bowl

After a fractured GOP primary season, Donald Trump must now try to unify the Republican party as the presumptive nominee
Trump tasked with unifying the Republican party 04:35

On Thursday, Donald Trump tweeted a photo of himself with a Trump Tower taco bowl, wishing his followers a "Happy #CincoDeMayo!" and declaring "I love Hispanics!"

The taco bowl photo subsequently broke the Twittersphere -- Trump Tower Grill trended. It looked a little something like this:

Some spun the tweet in a positive light...

Others didn't focus so much on the bowl as they did on Trump's desk spread:

More than a few Twitter users observed that the taco bowl was an apt choice for Trump, given its wall-like features. Trump often talks about building a wall around the southern U.S. border and forcing Mexico to pay for it:

Some senators had strong reactions to Trump's tweet.

Swift negative reactions followed, including from Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz, and Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill:

And then there was Hillary Clinton's own sober response.

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