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'We're Tired Of Being Hurt': Minneapolis North Community High School Students Stage Sit-In At City Hall

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Minneapolis North Community High School students staged a sit-in at city hall on Wednesday, demanding justice and accountability in the wake of Amir Locke's death.

"The world is in the young people's hands, so we have the chance to change the world now, not tomorrow, not later, not five years from now, but now," said sophomore student Taylor Butler.

North High Sit-In
(credit: CBS)

"We're tired of being hurt, we're tired of being scared. We're shaking inside because we're scared. We shouldn't be scared but it's the reality you know," said sophomore Cashmere Grunau.

They're making their voices heard with the blessing and encouragement of school administrators.

"Ultimately, one - that could be you. Two, the only way to make change or have change is you gotta be engaged in the process," said Minneapolis North Community High School Basketball Coach Larry McKenzie.

The students' message is twofold: their futures are at stake and they've had to protest too many times. Students are demanding an end to no-knock warrants and accountability for lives lost. They're appealing to those with the authority to make change.

"We are the Blackest school in the state," said senior Khadija Ba. "Until they come down here, and they have a conversation with us as to why they won't stop doing it, or why they won't remove it, then it doesn't really mean anything to me."

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