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The Thrill Of The Goal: MN United Scores 7 Goals Saturday

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minnesota United had a great day Saturday. Seven goals scored means seven goal celebrations.

We talked tonight with Mason Toye and Ethan Finlay. Both men scored today, but Toye got his first goal with the Loons a few weeks ago against Houston.

Toye walked us through waiting on that first goal, but both men showed us how to celebrate.

"It's your opportunity to express yourself and show your personality," Finlay said of the aftermath of scoring a goal. "Takes a lot of hard work from a team collectively and individually to make a goal happen, and to me, I kind of like when someone owns it. This is kind of their celebration. It really is a euphoric state."

"I had to wait my turn for quite some time," Toye said. "It was a year and a half I've been here and I finally scored, so that was a lot of hard work that eventually paid off. It was a big weight off my shoulder and it was the game winner, so I was pretty excited."

"It's always a very special thing to score a goal, and I've been able to do it a couple times obviously in my career," Finlay said. "Mine's pretty generic, I guess that's kinda what my personality is, though. I'm to the business guy, here we go, let's go get the next one kind of thing."

"Knee slide is one of those that I love to do," Finlay said. "Since my knee injury, I haven't done it. I'm pretty sure I can do it, but it's more one of those things where I don't know about that pressure on my knees. It made sense when I was 20. Twenty-eight? It doesn't make as much sense."

"It's a little jump, and it's a fist pump up like this. Always right hand. Everyone always asks me that. I don't know why; maybe it's just like my uppercut. You call it what it is," Finlay said. "When I was younger, I was maybe a little more flashy and a little more cocky. Now, I think I'm pretty generic. That's kind of my vintage celebration right now."

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