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Can't Hardly Wait For The Replacements' Re-Release? Watch Their New Video Featuring Mpls. Spots

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Minnesota rock band The Replacements released a new music video Wednesday, an homage to their Minneapolis roots peppered with familiar scenes from around the city.

The video for "Takin' a Ride" follows Hifi Hair and Records owner Jon Clifford and his dog as they make their way around the city in a Pontiac convertible, pointing out the sites from the 'Mats' early days.

The Replacements
Credit: The Replacements

It starts out at at Hifi, and together Clifford and his dog Fred drive to Butler Square, where The Replacements' lead singer Paul Westerberg had his day job as a janitor. Then the duo ride around to Longhorn Bar, 7th Street Entry, and down to Waconia, where the band had their first show together.

After that, they go to Blackberry Way, Oar Folkjokeopus, where "Paul handed Peter Jesperson a cassette of demo recordings," and Modesto, Jespersen's apartment and "unofficial Replacements headquarters." The video ends with what the band calls the "Dogbreath House," and the "Let It Be House." Under each location is a subtitle explaining the spot's importance to the band.

The Replacements
Credit: The Replacements

The music video was created to promote a 40th anniversary deluxe edition of the band's first album "Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash." In all it will have four CDs, one LP and 100 tracks, 67 of which were previously unreleased. It will include some of the band's earliest recordings, and a "lost" version of a 1981 concert performance at 7th Street Entry. The bundle will go on sale on Oct. 22.


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