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Storm's Aftermath Causes Headaches For Drivers, Injuries For Walkers

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Area streets have improved the day after the big snow storm, but they've also become snow packed and ice covered.

The snow's aftermath has caused headaches for people driving, walking and shoveling. Roads are slick and so are sidewalks.

We found a number of problems throughout the metro area. In Roseville, a car went off the road and rolled over near Highway 36 and Dale Street.

And in Newport, we spotted some people trying to dig out and push a car stuck on the side of the road along Interstate 494.

Conditions have led to an increase in ER visits. Dr. Dave Plummer says he has seen three types of injuries come in to HCMC that are connected to slick sidewalks.

"I would say to people that they should prepare for a fall when it's slippery. That means get your hands out of your pocket," Plummer said. "They'll either put out their hand and sustain a forearm fracture, or a forearm injury."

Having your hands in your pocket mixed with a fall can lead to a head injury. Others fall and break their hips. And that's not all ER doctors are seeing.

Shoveling this wet and heavy snow can lead to heart problems.

"We see heart attacks. They come in flurries after a snowfall like this and we are seeing it now," he said.

Dr. Plummer says if you haven't exercised throughout the year, you shouldn't start by picking up a shovel.

"If you have the time, you should do it in very small increments. Don't push yourself hard," Plummer said.

He says listen to your body. If you feel dizzy, or have a squeezing pain in your chest that radiates to the neck, shoulder or arm - stop and call 911.

With area roads still needing more plow attention, people need to watch where they park. Violating the snow emergency rules can get your car stuck in the impound lot.

You must move your vehicle so the plows can work - helping us all get around better after the storm.

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