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St. Paul Mom Calls Out School District Out After Son With Special Needs Suffers Concussion In Bully Attack

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A Twin Cities mother feels her son's school didn't do enough to protect him after kids attacked him on the playground.

Nine-year-old Khalil Viotay, who has special needs, was diagnosed with a concussion. The incident happened last week, but his injury is keeping him from being able to go to school.

WCCO spoke with his mother, Sineah Jones-Gray, who is now getting the police involved.

"Every child should be safe at school. They shouldn't have to fear of being hurt or anything like that," Jones-Gray said.

That fear is what Khalil lives with now, along with a concussion.

"The headache is the worst for him right now, but the vision does get blurry," Jones-Gray said.

Khalil is a fourth grader at American Indian Magnet School. Jones-Gray says the school nurse called her last week about the incident on the playground, and that Khalil should go to the emergency room.

"'A boy ran up behind me, tackled me down, and all I remember is being kicked in the head,'" Jones-Gray said.

Khalil Viotay
Khalil Viotay (credit: CBS)

She says administrators confirmed there was a circle of 20 to 30 students, and a few attacked Khalil -- kicking him repeatedly.

"There was three teachers outside. A teacher seeing the kids in the circle and seeing what was happening. She called for help. Help didn't make it there in time," Jones-Gray said.

She was told a few students were suspended, but she feels the punishment isn't enough.

"I don't feel like the five-day suspension is justifying. He could have long-term problems," Jones-Gray said.

Khalil tried going back to school for the first time Wednesday, but came home after headaches made it tough to focus. Jones-Gray says she feels helpless.

"I just want to make sure nobody else's child goes through this," Jones-Gray said. "I just want people to know that the bullying policy isn't being followed."

Officials with St. Paul Public Schools say they can't comment on student discipline. And since a police report was filed, they're deferring all questions to St. Paul Police.


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