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St. Cloud State Breaks Record That Didn't Exist Before

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (WCCO) -- Just because a world record never existed before doesn't mean it should never be allowed to remain unbroken. Even the world's fattest twins on motorcycles had to start somewhere.

In that spirit, a number of pioneering students at St. Cloud State University ventured toward setting a new world record, and achieved their goal.

On April 26, a total of 296 people became the largest group on record of people howling together. On Monday, officials from Guinness World Records verified their efforts.

The officials from Guinness said no records existed for the feat previously. St. Cloud State needed to get at least 250 people together to be considered for a new record. Guinness said they receive about 60,000 applications every year for new records.

"As our students know, there's no pride like St. Cloud State pride anywhere else in the world," said Lindsey Rogers with the Department of Campus Involvement. "And we have the record to prove it."

It's not yet clear if the record will be listed in the next print edition.

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