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Small Businesses In Excelsior See Boost In Sales Amid Winter Warm-Up

EXCELSIOR, Minn. (WCCO) -- As temperatures go up, so does business in Minnesota.

In Excelsior, small businesses are seeing a big boost with this warmer weather. Just two days ago, Maynard's patio was covered in 3 feet of snow. On Sunday, employees were in shorts -- preparing all of the newly-placed outdoor tables for customers.

Co-owner Beth Maloney said nice weather has a huge impact on her business.

"It's much busier when the sun is shining and it warms up," Maloney said.

The noticeable difference makes Maloney plan ahead. She had to find about 10 extra staff members per shift to help with the expected increase in clientele.

"It's kind of crazy this time of year," Maloney said. "We are still with our winter staff and most of our summer employees haven't started yet. So it is a little challenging. But just like our customers, our servers are excited to be outside too, so they enjoy picking up and working outside."

And it's not just Maynards that gets a boost.

Excelsior downtown businesses see a huge spike in business when it warms up. Just ask Debbie Slusar, she owns Amore & Fede.

"It's the weather. It brings the people, they have a better attitude they are just more upbeat and we open the door, it just makes a big difference for business," Slusar said.

Prime example? Katie Eisenmann and Katherine Richman. They spent part of Sunday morning in the sun on a bench in Excelsior, and spent the day Saturday shopping around downtown.

"Just to be able to walk out and about. That's normally a summer thing to do verses in the winter when you are bundled up at home. But to see everyone else out, there are so many families. I think it is a special thing," Richman said.

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