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'She's An Incredible Woman': 100-Year-Old Woman Survives COVID-19

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A Twin Cities woman has marked two major milestones this summer: turning 100 years old and surviving COVID-19.

Violet's story may sound surprising but when learning about all she's fought through in life, it becomes clear how her latest battle would end.

"She's an incredible woman that's for sure," her granddaughter Celeste Angeles said.

Angeles grew up calling her Grandma City. Violet lived in north Minneapolis. Her first husband, a World War II hero lost his life in a freak accident when he returned home, leaving Violet to raise two young children. Later, she married a police officer who she has also now outlived.

"Everything that's come her way she's fought her way through it, she's survived," Angeles said.

After the passing of two husbands' and a son, Violet went on to beat cancer.

"We are just trying to celebrate every single victory in her life," her granddaughter added.

On May 6, Violet celebrated her 100th birthday. But a few weeks after, she was put in the hospital with the virus.

"Nobody thinks that anyone they love is going to have it," Angeles said.

"I have been praying for God to give it to me instead of her because I felt like I could beat it. I didn't know if she could," she added.

Within a month, Grandma City did beat it. Again, showing her strength and resolve as a COVID-19 survivor.

"That's not going to be the end of her legacy," Angeles said.

Violet is now back at her nursing home in Crystal, as her family waits for the day they'll be able to see that fighting spirit again up close.

"Once we can see her and wrap our arms around her that will be the best feeling in the world. Hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later," Angeles said.

Her granddaughter said Violet is starting to suffer from dementia. She's been moved around six times in the last four months due to COVID-19 concerns, so they believe that has added to her confusion. They are hopeful her condition will improve now that she's settled back into her room.

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