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Rep. Emmer Appears Upside Down During House Committee Meeting

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Rep. Tom Emmer has gone viral after he flipped upside down on Zoom in a House Financial Services meeting on Wednesday.

"I'm sorry Mr. Emmer, are you okay?" California Rep. Maxine Waters asked. Others in the chamber chuckled in the background.

"I am," Emmer responded. When he was told he was appearing upside down, he said "I don't know how to fix that."

Emmer's Zoom mishap followed the viral video of the Texas lawyer who accidentally appeared in a Zoom meeting with a cat filter on. Later in the day, Emmer tweeted "I am not a cat."

A similar snafu happened in Maryland, when Baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr.'s floating head appeared on a Zoom call for his wife.


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