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Poultry Event And Exhibition Ban Extended To July 1

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Because of the risk of spreading bird flu, the state has extended the ban on poultry events until July 1.

The ban includes all poultry swaps, fairs, exhibitions, and other events where live poultry are brought together.

In Minnesota, cases of the highly pathogenic avian influenza have been on the decline, but "a small number of HPAI detections in new counties is cause for us to extend the ban," according to State Veterinarian Dr. Linda Glaser.

"This ban primarily impacts backyard flock owners and is intended to protect their birds from a potential pathway for the virus to spread at poultry events," Glaser added.

The number of birds euthanized due to the bird flu in Minnesota topped 3 million over the weekend, according to the Board of Animal Health. The highly contagious virus has been detected in 28 counties across the state.

State animal health officials say the avian influenza is a high risk for poultry but is a low risk to the public. There is no food safety concern.

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